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Orthodontic Clear Aligners

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Reveal® Clear Aligners from Ryoo Dental

A Faster, Easier, and Simpler Alternative to Invisalign

Dr. Ryoo has been treating patients’ smiles with clear braces for over 15 years. We are experienced in examining your current dental health status and determining if Reveal® Clear Aligner is the right fit for your goals and expectations.
Dr. Ryoo has chosen Reveal® Clear aligners due to the overall performance as well as esthetics for treating patients who have small orthodontic corrections or for advanced cases of teeth crowding, uneven spacing or even bite misalignment issues.

Man with Reveal Clear Aligners

Clear Aligner Special

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Designed with your expectations in mind

At Ryoo Dental determining if you are a qualified candidate for clear aligners and meeting your personal expectations drives our treatment planning process.

    Comprehensive Exam: Determining your overall oral health, are you a good candidate for clear aligners, and understanding your expectations are the first step. Dr. Ryoo will take xrays, examine your history, as well as discuss your smile objectives. If it makes sense to move forward, the team will take impressions of your mouth for the development of a customized treatment plan.
    Treatment Plan: Dr. Ryoo and the Reveal® Clear aligner team develop a customizedtreatment plan to meet your overall smile objectives. Dr. Ryoo will discuss this treatmentplan with you prior to beginning treatment. Dr. Ryoo offers interest free financing throughCareCredit.
    Ongoing Monitoring: A critical success factor for clear aligner treatment is the ongoing
    monitoring of tooth movement. Each patient will progress at a different rate, and Dr. Ryoo
    sees aligner patients monthly to ensure the treatment is tracking to plan.

Reveal the Confidence of Your New Smile

Dr. Ryoo creates a treatment plan customized to each patient to meet your smile expectations Here are a examples of cases that can be treated with clear aligners.

Cross Bite

Crowded Teeth




Man with Reveal Clear Aligners

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