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Root Canals

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At Ryoo Dental, our dentist and team are dedicated to restoring and maintaining patients’ oral health in the event of a tooth infection. We provide root canal treatment in Fullerton with your comfort in mind at all times. Root canals not only provide almost immediate relief for uncomfortable toothaches but ensure that your smile is strong overall.

If you have a severely damaged tooth or are experiencing sharp tooth pain, contact our dental office to determine if a root canal will help restore your comfort.

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What Causes Tooth Infections?

Inside the tooth, beneath the enamel, is tissue known as the dental pulp, which contains blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissue. Bacteria entering the pulp, because of decay or a significant crack in the dental enamel, lead to infection and inflammation.
Root canal treatment is then recommended to prevent tooth extraction and preserve your smile.

Warning Signals

Signs that you may have a dental infection and requires root canal therapy include:

    Increased and uncomfortable thermal sensitivity.
    Sharp pain at the affected tooth.
    Formation of an abscess, or a pimple-like bump on your gums.
    A deeply cracked tooth that turns dark and discolored.

If a dental infection is untreated, bacteria can move beyond the roots of the tooth, compromising the tooth’s structure to the point where extraction is the best treatment option. Dr. Ryoo offers quick and comfortable treatment to save your tooth.

The Root Canal Process: Gentle, Effective Care from Dr. Ryoo

At Ryoo Dental we are focused on creating a relaxing dental experience and providing a caring chairside manner, so patients can feel at ease throughout their entire procedure. Dr. Ryoo explains all parts of the treatment process to keep you informed about what will happen.
During your treatment, the inside of your tooth where the pulp resides is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, and a special material, called gutta-percha, is applied to seal the cleaned canal. We ensure that the treatment site is thoroughly numbed for your comfort. Depending on the state of the pulp and tooth, root canal therapy may require more than one office visit.
Once tooth roots are clean and free of infection, the tooth is sealed with a permanent filling or high-quality dental crown. Dental restorations placed after root canal therapy are designed to be long-lasting and natural-looking to protect the treated tooth from decay and damage.

Root Canal Treatment in Fullerton, CA

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