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At Ryoo Dental, our committed dentist and team focus on the restoration and preservation of patients’ oral health when faced with a tooth infection. We offer root canal treatment in Fullerton, prioritizing your comfort throughout the process. Root canals not only offer prompt relief from troublesome toothaches but also contribute to the overall strength of your smile.

If you have a significantly damaged tooth or are enduring intense tooth pain, reach out to our dental office to explore whether a root canal can bring back your comfort.

What Leads to Tooth Infections?

Deep within the tooth, beneath the protective enamel, lies the dental pulp—a vital repository of blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissue. When bacteria infiltrate this pulp, either due to decay or a substantial crack in the enamel, it triggers infection and inflammation.

In such cases, undergoing root canal treatment is strongly advised. This procedure aims to thwart the necessity of tooth extraction, ensuring the preservation of your smile.

Alert Signs

Indications that you might be experiencing a dental infection necessitating root canal therapy comprise:
Heightened and bothersome sensitivity to temperature changes.

Intense pain experienced in the affected tooth.

Development of an abscess, resembling a pimple, on the gums.

A significantly cracked tooth exhibiting dark discoloration.

Neglecting treatment for a dental infection may result in bacteria spreading beyond the tooth roots, jeopardizing the tooth’s structural integrity and necessitating extraction as the optimal course of action.

Dr. Ryoo provides prompt and comfortable interventions to preserve your tooth.

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