Root Canals as Prevention and Restoration

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For individuals who are experiencing advanced tooth decay, root canal therapy may not seem like a comforting idea. Many patients have heard stories of what root canals entail and think they would be better off avoiding treatment at all.

At the office of Dr. Ryoo, we are committed to making patients feel comfortable and safe with the care we provide. We have created this guide to ease their concerns regarding root canals and to explain the benefits of this restorative procedure.

Understanding a Root Canal

Root canals are an essential treatment for those who are interested in maintaining the health and stability of their teeth. This procedure is often necessary when decay has reached the pulp in the inner chamber of a tooth. Root canals allow for the preservation of the healthy tooth structures and the removal of any infected tissues from within the tooth.

Throughout this procedure, the treatment area is thoroughly numbed, which helps patients remain as comfortable as possible.

The Long-Term Benefits of Tooth Preservation

The most immediate benefit of a root canal is the relief from oral discomfort that patients experience. Infection of the pulp often leads to sensitivity and pain that is alleviated by the removal and replacement of the soft tissues.

In the long term, this treatment allows patients to maintain the stability, health, and appearance of their smiles. Tooth loss due to decay not only leads to discomfort but can cause deeper infections in the supportive tissues of the smile. Root canal therapy allows patients to regain the stability of a healthy tooth, without having to experience the difficulties that arise from tooth loss or decay.

The natural-looking crowns placed at the end of a root canal procedure also allow for the continued function and confidence that comes with healthy, beautiful teeth.

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