Same-Day Cosmetic and Restorative Dental Services

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Advanced dental treatments don’t have to take weeks to finish. Dr. Ryoo offers many same-day services to make sure patients can have convenient and effective treatment. These procedures offer patients a quicker return to daily life, restoring normal chewing and speaking. Our practice delivers efficient care to rebuild attractive smiles and ensure good oral health.

Same-Day Services

Dental Implants replace missing teeth from the root up. Implant posts provide a permanent foundation for restorations, including crowns, bridges, and dentures. For qualified patients, Dr. Ryoo places implants in the same day after tooth extraction and installs a temporary tooth or teeth until the implants naturally integrate with the jaw bone.

Cosmetic procedures restore a beautiful smile, especially when there are gaps between your teeth or your dental enamel has become severely stained. We address simple and complex needs with comprehensive cosmetic plans. If you need multiple cosmetic treatments, you can rely on us to combine services that address these issues. During the planning process, we make models to show the potential results of your treatment. We make the best recommendations for treatment and strive to keep all your care within a single visit.

Teeth Whitening
Chair Side Dental Bonding

Full Smile Restoration – Patients who have lost all of their natural teeth, whether in just one arch or both, have options available for comprehensive teeth replacement that requires as few visits as possible. With the All on 4 treatment concept, Dr. Ryoo can plan your full arch restoration in one appointment and at your next visit, your implants and temporary prosthetic can all be provided on the same day.

Committed to Quality Treatments in a Timely Manner

At our practice, we maintain a quality of treatment during same-day procedures. Utilizing first-rate materials and proven techniques, patients receive cutting edge care. You can rely on us to produce results which match your expectations.

Do You Want to Enjoy Daily Life with a Beautiful Smile?

Call the office of Dr. Ryoo for treatment and experience personal attention to address your many dental needs. Dr. Ryoo works with his dental team to cooperatively plan and treat patients who wish to resume daily life with a restored smile. We are passionate about restoring your oral health and dental appearance.

Let Us Take Care Of

You And Your Smile

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